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Music to Your Ears: SONOS Wireless Speaker System

Last Christmas, I was faced with the dilemma that so many experience every year:  what do I get my significant other for Christmas?  This goes hand-in-hand with that other familiar question: what do you get for the person that has everything?  My husband is a gadget/electronics person, and I am a music person (all kinds, anytime, anywhere).  So I came across a top 10 list of the hottest gadgets for Christmas 2011, and the Sonos Wireless Speaker was at the top of the list.  We all remember those small “wave” speakers that sounded like a complete multi-speaker sound system.  The Sonos is the same concept, yet it does so much more.  You can stream your music wirelessly and control your Sonos through your smartphone, iPad, or computer.  Your Sonos can play your iTunes music, Pandora stations, Spotify, Sirius XM stations, and more - all at the touch of a button - wirelessly - from anywhere in your house.  You can move the speaker from room to room to outside even, as long as you are in range of your wifi connection.  All you need is an outlet - no extra wires, and no AV in/out color coded coax plug-ins (is the color supposed to make it easier to install?).  You can even get multiple speakers for other rooms in your house and listen to different music in each, so while you might be reading a book chilling out to Mozart in the bedroom, your husband can be rocking out to Clapton while making dinner in the kitchen.  (NOTE: Husband who cooks while you relax reading a book in bed sold separately.)  The sound is awesome, the concept is neat, and the music is cool.  So if you are looking for that perfect Christmas gift this year, check out Sonos Wireless Speakers for more info.  Let the music play!


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